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Mobile Phone Service Providers

Mobile Phone Service Providers in Kenya Below is a list of all Mobile Phone Service Providers available in Kenya and Mombasa.



These Service providers conveniently provide pre-paid services to customers. The PrePay service allows the freedom and flexibility to pay as you use by topping up your account with recharge vouchers/scratch cards available at all hotels, kiosks, supermarkets and street venders. Choose from a wide range of recharge methods and top-up denominations to suit your budget. Simcards are available at all airports in Nairobi and Mombasa. Travelers will require a copy of their passport in order to register the simcard before use. These Simcards are sold in shops in the airport, kiosks, at supermarkets, malls and specific Safaricom, Airtel, YU and Orange Centers and cost as little as Kshs.100/ USD $ 1.5/ GBP 1/ Eur 1 Safaricom has the largest number of subscribers. This can be attributed to its vareiety of tariff options which give Kenyan's the opportunity to select the most convenient tariff depending on one's requirement. However, Airtel boasts of having a clearer network with little congestion and cheaper calling rates. If you have a Blackberry, you can activate your Blackberry account by using the Prepaid monthly service with Safaricom or Airtel. The advantage of having a Safaricom network on your blackberry is that it is quicker for browsing and provides 3G as opposed to Airtel which provides service on EDGE making browsing slower. Blackberry Subscription is available by Safaricom on a daily tariff for Kshs. 20, a monthly subscription for Kshs. 499 (if you are only setting up one e-mail) or for Kshs. 1000 monthly if you have between 1 – 10 email addresses set up on your handset. This provides you with unlimited browsing.